Fratelli Sports Equipment, the beginning…

The birth of an idea

Fratelli Sports Equipment was founded by three brothers; Christian, Joey and Richard. All three born in Italy but have now lived in Wales for many years. All three brothers have worked within the football, sport and education industry in some capacity and wanted to create a company that can provide quality sport equipment at a competitive price with an excellent customer service. A one stop shop for individuals, sporting clubs and schools.

The logo

The three lions symbolise the three brothers, the colours reflect two countries: Italy and Wales. Fratelli is the italian word for brothers.


Fratelli Sports is driven by passion, honesty and is customer centric. What’s important is that each individual that experiences the Fratelli Sports consumer journey remains 100% satisfied from the moment they come into contact with the brand.

The future

Fratelli Sports will forge important partnerships (the first one to be announced very soon!) which will allow them to grow and give their customers opportunities to train better and harder to make them the best.

They don’t want to be your ordinary sports equipment company, they truly want to be the game changers!

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