BEST FOOTBALL TRAINING EQUIPMENT FOR 2021; From agility hurdles to rebounders

2020 challenged a lot of our customers to maintain their fitness training routines, some were lucky enough and had a lot of space at their disposal and others had very limited space to train.

We have put together a quick guide to showcase some of our most popular training aids

1. Football training equipment: Precision Pro Rebounder Net

Precision Pro Rebounder net

To kick a ball around the back garden (especially if you are on your own) rebounder nets are a great piece of kit.

The Precision Pro rebounder net is a quality built rebounder, it’s adjustable allowing to alter the rebound angle. This 95cm by 95cm rebounder is easy to move around and with its ¼” thick metal tubing and heavy duty net makes it a very durable piece of equipment.

There is no assembly required and can be folded for easy storage
Our customers have bought this to practice and improve their passing and control skills. Goalkeepers can also make use of this to practice in their back garden.

Precision Pro Rebounder Net £80.00SHOP NOW

2. Football training equipment: Precision flat hurdles (set of 6)

Precision flat hurdles

Hurdles are great to improve agility and coordination. These can be used outdoors and indoors.

The hurdles come in set of 6 and we offer 4 different sizes to cover all requirements; 6”, 9”, 12” and 15” and all are 48cm wide.

The Precision flat hurdles are lightweight and flexible and will revert back to shape after being put under pressure, they are virtually indestructible. They come with a Velcro strap for ease of storage and carrying.

Precision flat hurdles (set of 6) Starting at £12.99SHOP NOW

3. Football training equipment: Pre-Sport football training cones (set of 50)

Training cones, assorted colours set of 50

Training saucer cones are an essential item for any coach or trainer and can be used in a number of ways. They can be used to setup various training drills to improve players’ skills, speed, agility and endurance.

Our Pre-Sport essential training cones are low priced but offer great quality. A set of 50 assorted colour cones with an easy-to-use carrier. They are 200mm wide made of flexible soft plastic.

Pre-Sport Essential training saucer cones (set of 50) £8.95 – SHOP NOW

4. Football training equipment: Precision pop-up football goals (set)

Precision pop-up goals

Pop-up goals are an excellent training aid to be used in the back garden to practice shooting skills or for small sided games.

They are easy to open and collapse, all goals come with a carry bag and ground anchor pegs making them ideal to move and store.

Our pop-up goals comprise of 2 goals and come in 3 different sizes: 80cm x 45cm, 110cm x 180cm, 180cm x 110cm.

Precision pop-up football goals starting from £21.99 – SHOP NOW

5. Football training equipment: Precision speed agility ladder

Precision speed and agility ladders

Agility speed ladders are a versatile training aid that can be used on its own or integrated into a training session with other training equipment. They are ideal to train footwork, speed and agility.

A ladder can be used for cardio exercises as well as for strengthening joints / legs.

Our Precision agility ladders come in 3 different sizes; 2 meters, 4 meters and 8 meters. Can be used on their own or combined together.

They feature 20” wide nylon bound plastic rungs and the space between the rungs is approximately 15”. They come supplied with a bag making them easy to carry and store.

Precision speed and agility training ladder from £7.99 – SHOP NOW

New Partnership for Fratelli Sports Equipment!


Fratelli Sports Equipment have formed a partnership with KBF Development Coaching.

We have teamed up with KBF in order to deliver coaching videos for our clients and followers through our website and social media channels. We want people to be inspired by KBF’s sessions; whether you are a coach looking for ideas to add to your training sessions, an individual player wishing to improve your technical ability or a parent looking for ideas to train your children in the back garden or local park (especially during this pandemic).

We aim to build a sporting hub to provide quality sports training equipment but also ideas on how to train and use the equipment we supply.

Kieron Button-Forshaw is the founder of KBF Development Coaching. He is an FA Qualified coach, DBS checked with Premier League Academy playing experience. His playing background includes: Stoke City FC, Chester City FC, Tranmere Rovers FC. He has also coached in the USA.

Kieron will be directing and producing the videos and he has released the following statement ‘I am delighted to have partnered up with Fratelli Sports Equipment. We share the same vision and I am looking forward to working together to produce excellent content which can be viewed by everyone. If I can help people improve their training sessions or inspire them with new ideas then I will be very happy. I am also a customer and shop for my equipment with Fratelli Sports’

KBF Development Coaching is a private football company based in the North West. They offer private professional football training all year round with a wide range of services and they do this in a positive and safe learning environment. They help individuals of all ages and abilities to grow and develop in football.

The main services provided are:

  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions
  • Group / Team coaching sessions

And they can work on: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects.

If you are interested get in contact with Kieron 07484 753787 or EMAIL

Keep your eyes open for our videos!

If you need equipment SHOP HERE


Fratelli Sports Equipment, the beginning…

The birth of an idea

Fratelli Sports Equipment was founded by three brothers; Christian, Joey and Richard. All three born in Italy but have now lived in Wales for many years. All three brothers have worked within the football, sport and education industry in some capacity and wanted to create a company that can provide quality sport equipment at a competitive price with an excellent customer service. A one stop shop for individuals, sporting clubs and schools.

The logo

The three lions symbolise the three brothers, the colours reflect two countries: Italy and Wales. Fratelli is the italian word for brothers.


Fratelli Sports is driven by passion, honesty and is customer centric. What’s important is that each individual that experiences the Fratelli Sports consumer journey remains 100% satisfied from the moment they come into contact with the brand.

The future

Fratelli Sports will forge important partnerships (the first one to be announced very soon!) which will allow them to grow and give their customers opportunities to train better and harder to make them the best.

They don’t want to be your ordinary sports equipment company, they truly want to be the game changers!

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